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New paintings

2013-12-03 18:34:06 by Wesllley

I am making new paintings, this isn`t cool?

Make those new arts it`s so good i cant believe, i`m finaly making posts on NG! But i`m still in training, so take easy with my art, thanks to all of my teachers of Facisa for sharing this  knowloedge with me.


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2013-12-03 19:38:22

It certainly is cool, man! Welcome to the site.

I am also trying to improve my artistic skills here. I've only done two pieces which I didn't consider very serious. One was for a musician that I listen to pretty much every day, and the other was just like...meh. :D

Take care, and I look forward to seeing your works! I have to ask: do you mean paintings as in digital art, or actual traditional brush-on-canvas painting?

Wesllley responds:

paintings in digital


2014-04-03 09:30:39

Dat late response, haha. Have a fan, man.


(Updated ) Wesllley responds:

sorry i was occupied with the university and i forgot the newgrounds but i`m back, i think