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About my videos

2014-06-11 19:54:52 by Wesllley

I know NG focus in the movie catgorie is animations and etc. but i think this is place where i can put everything who i create.I saw a lot of speed art's movies on the portal and when i saw the comments only have positive stuff like: u r a good artist, good one and etc.

Since i started to create and paint things on NG one or two persons say's "it's good" or "i liked".I thought the NG is the place where artistis can post everything.I know speed art videos are common on youtube but i'm not common

Pokemon - Furries

2014-05-31 22:49:41 by Wesllley

Hello guys i had a cool idea that such mixing pokemon with furries, who liked the idea and make even one sketch up the image so to do some comparisons. I think it will be fun.Put the link of your creations in the comments.


2014-05-27 14:41:14 by Wesllley

I'm doing a painting like birthday present for a friend of mine, I'm also edtando the speed art of this painting. Made it very simple without much effort only put things simple, without much exaggeration but it was cute, but this is not one of my best works.Probably the video and image'll be here tomorrow at NG

Video Bad quality

2014-05-26 17:08:01 by Wesllley

I know i know the video of the speed art has bad quality but in the nexto one i will use the Camtasia, sorry.

New paintings

2014-05-25 21:12:35 by Wesllley

Was arguing with my teacher of ethics and said he had never seen a game with gay characters, I still can not make games but at least arts are already my reach. I did two couples and one of these two is the couple gay.Gravei also one speed art one of them that I will post tomorrow if the internet help, I'll post one now couples (hetero) and tomorrow after posting the video I will post the another painting, hope you like.

About my paintings

2014-04-24 12:27:38 by Wesllley

I lost my scout, and probably know what reason, I saw in the comments of the arts that I had done, saying that they are not my only changed the colors and etc. But I have one thing to say all who are paintings that account only did the colors were not placed as artwork are just sketches, not marked to be placed on the portal, the portal that was marked for me that did, did not want to hurt anyone's rights only posted the account because I liked the result and maybe get some help to further improve mais.Então next time you see a design that is not mine, I will warn you that is not mine, who only did some modification or something like that. 
PS: Please say in the next comments say things that make me grow as an artist, not that that fassam me feel bad

New one

2014-04-21 12:38:16 by Wesllley

I'm making a new painting, his name is Tai here is a sketch from him4545398_139809828023_Tai.jpg

It's back

2014-04-08 16:55:10 by Wesllley

I can't believe my inspiration is back, i feel so great when my teacher challengend me to make a picture of him in pixel art from his face make me feel live again now i can continue to create new paintings e etc. Thanks LevaBoy for making me feel better and my teatcher for this challenge who made me restart my projects

I don`t know what is happening

2014-04-03 17:35:27 by Wesllley

I realy like dor art but, i dunno when i open the PS and start to paint after a couple of minutes i forgote what i am doing o why.It`s sad because i realy like make paintings and etc. but recently i don`t have the same entusiasm. What is happening to me?

New paintings

2013-12-03 18:34:06 by Wesllley

I am making new paintings, this isn`t cool?

Make those new arts it`s so good i cant believe, i`m finaly making posts on NG! But i`m still in training, so take easy with my art, thanks to all of my teachers of Facisa for sharing this  knowloedge with me.